Top 10 Celebrity Perfumes of All Time

Top 10 Celebrity Perfumes of All Time

Top 10 Celebrity Perfumes of All Time

Would you like to smell like your favourite celebrity’s creation? These perfumes are the best-selling ones for a reason.

Celebrities are skilled at maximising their financial success by utilising their popularity. Even though companies may be well-known for one thing, they frequently diversify their businesses in an effort to increase their revenue. They’ll launch ventures like apparel or cosmetic lines, and some even enter the fragrance market, which appears to be particularly well-liked among celebrities. A celebrity can use their creativity to make a scent that has their likeness and then sell it to their fans for a profit. Because it’s simple to do, a lot of people do it.

Top 10 Celebrity Perfumes of All Time

There have been so many famous people who have developed their own scents over the years, and many of them have developed multiple fragrances. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, and Beyoncé have taken advantage of their popularity in the fragrance industry by developing a variety of smells that their followers may buy. These celebrities have owned some of the most popular fragrances and have made millions upon millions of dollars from them.


Eau de parfum Fenty

The new wave of Rihanna fragrances is arrived. With her new fragrance, Rihanna is here to redefine (Rih-define? sorry) another category after revolutionising the way we view beauty with Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin. The thing I appreciate best about this fragrance is how unexpected it is in a market where many launches wind up looking and smelling the same. It screams for your attention and is heavy and bold. It fully goes its own way, which is, to be honest, a little risky, but it’s very, very fantastic. The scent combines Bulgarian rose, geranium, and magnolia with blueberry and citrus, and patchouli and musk give it some depth. Each of the notes, especially the blueberry and rose, stand out on my skin during use, yet they all blend together to create a scent that is spicy, sweet, earthy, and hot. Another unexpected aspect of the fragrance is that it is a straight perfume rather than an evolving blend of top, heart, and base notes. The fact that Fenty Eau De Parfum is not at all what I anticipated makes it much better.

By Arianna Grande, “GOD IS A WOMAN”

Eau de Parfum GOD IS A WOMAN

Grande, Ariana

Listen. Don’t overlook Ariana Grande’s scents. Whether or not they were fans of Ari, her 2018 fragrance, Cloud, quickly became the holy grail for all scent connoisseurs, and her 2020 fragrance, R.E.M. Like the song, the God is a Woman fragrance is an unquestionable hit. Starting with the notes It begins with pear and ambrette, an oil made from seeds that has a flowery, musky aroma. Orris, a violet-like root, and rose make up the centre of the fragrance, while sandalwood and vanilla make up the base. It is flowing, delicious, and cooling. It resembles a splash of cold water or the floating of purple berries in champagne. Though light, it manages to maintain consistency. Instead of feeling like it is on your flesh, it almost seems to be hovering above you.

By Hayley Kiyoko, HUE


Alyson Kioko

It’s similar to a skin scent, yet it’s also not, thanks to Hayley Kiyoko. One of those unassuming scents, hue blends in with your attitude rather than grabbing centre stage. The primary notes are described as fruity and floral, but the overall perfume is a more expansive version of musk, with other notes acting as a little push and pull. Watermelon, blood orange, and freesia are present at the beginning, followed by litchi, rose, magnolia, peony, and a base of cocoa and musk. Lovely and gentle hue. It’s one of those perfumes that you apply when you don’t particularly want to wear a scent but still want something, you know? It’s kind of like this would be Santal 33’s brat sister if she had a sibling.



Sheldon Parton

Dolly Parton embodies what GLAM is all about. The icon is her. It makes perfect sense to create a Dolly Parton perfume. I am both grateful that we will be able to enjoy this aroma in 2021 and perplexed as to why it has never existed in the past. Although I was anxiously expecting this fragrance, I had no idea what to expect from it. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but I’m happy to report that it has exceeded my expectations in every way. The aroma is fantastic. It has enough florals to lend texture and enough base notes to ensure longevity. It is pink and effervescent, like a sweet gin and tonic. Inclusion has always been a theme in Dolly, so while I won’t go there, there is really something in there for everyone. Pear, mandarin, black currant, and peony make up the opening notes, followed by jasmine, lily, and vanilla orchid in the heart and a strong foundation of sandalwood, musk, patchouli, tonka, and amber woods in the base. It has nothing to do with any season or age. Like Dolly herself, it never goes out of style.

Chèvre fragrance

Chèvre fragrance


In relation to icons. CHER? My gosh. Although Cher Eau De Couture debuted in 2019, it wasn’t her first perfume. In 1987, Cher first introduced a different fragrance dubbed Uninhibited. People didn’t really get it back then, approximately 15 years before the celebrity fragrance explosion. That was even four years before Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds, often regarded as the first authentic celebrity scent. Even though it seems absurd to think about it today, in 1987 people had no idea how to react to a perfume like this coming from a living legend like Cher. Cher, as resilient as ever, returned with a new fragrance that received the praise it deserved. The fact that Cher Eau De Couture smells precisely as you want Cher to smell is one of my favourite things about it. After bergamot, clove(!) and neroli at the beginning, it transitions to rose and orange flower before settling into sandalwood, vetiver, and vanilla orchid. In a nice manner, it is extremely 1980s. It is potent, sweet, and hot. It has an odour reminiscent of a quick-change area on the side of a stage or a drag queen dressing room. It’s pure, unadulterated glitz in a bottle—exactly the kind of scent Cher deserves.

Olive KKW X Kendall Jenner


Jenner, Kendall by KKW

The joke is that KKW scents are quite popular and for good reason. Kim creates quality goods. And these Kendall fragrances? Another stuff. particularly Olive. Oh my God, this one is AMAZING. Olive is a giant explosion of aldehydes. Aldehydes are actually synthetic notes, and their predominant scent is that of soap (like literal white bar soap). These aldehydes are combined with rose and bergamot in this fragrance, which is then enhanced with freesia and jasmine before being finished with amber, patchouli, and vetiver. That brings out the sweetness and combines it with the other components, giving a generally sterile perfume a fresh new life. It smells wonderful, sweet, and rubbery—almost like taking a brand-new Barbie out of the package. Olive is one of those scents that will have you smelling yourself repeatedly throughout the day since it takes you on such a wonderful adventure.



Let’s discuss about Plastic by Trixie Mattel if we’re talking about Barbies. This perfume was released rather early in Trixie’s career. It was one of her first goods in addition to merch (I suppose this is still merch, but different). Trixie Mattel projects are everywhere these days, but Plastic was one of her early forays into the product world, and it’s still amusing today. Trixie draws a lot of influence from Barbie, so much so that she decided to take the last name Mattel. Trixie, like Barbie, is a specialist in branding, so it should come as no surprise that this smells like a brand-new doll given that she is practically a walking Barbie. The best, most thrilling, and most joyous version of plastic-like newness can be detected in plastic. Lavender and pink guava from the tropics serve as the opening notes. Cedar and cherry blossom emerge as the scent warms up. Pink cotton candy, sandalwood, amber, and vanilla then take over. Plastic actually has a very subtle scent for such a whimsical name. Do not forget that Barbie was a working woman! She was a scientist, an astronaut, and a professor.



J. A. Aniston

Although undervalued, this fragrance is gorgeous in every way. The aroma! The container! The visage! Although Jennifer Aniston may not be the most innovative scent ever (Jen has always been known for her wide appeal), it’s still worthwhile to purchase if you want a traditional floral scent. Citrus and rose are at the top, jasmine, lily, and violet are in the middle, while sandalwood, amber, and musk are in the bottom holding everything together. (She is so sensible!) An American, no, a worldwide star, Jennifer Aniston keeps to herself and avoids conflict. It’s appropriate that she has been preserved in a scent. Is anyone out there who doesn’t stan? No, is the response.


Eau de Parfum PROMISE

Jessica Lopez

In my opinion, Jennifer Lopez is free to act however she pleases. Along with Britney, Paris, and Mariah, she gave us the iconic Glow, which significantly influenced the redefinition of celebrity scents of the 2000s. Was there, however, anything greater than Glow? All things considered, the release of Promise was quite low-key, in part because Jennifer Lopez is practically always in the spotlight. This is one of her less well-known scents, yet it is nonetheless important to know about. Promise has a lovely scent that makes me think of dried fruit. Before opening up to the stronger ingredients, orris, jasmine, and honeysuckle, it gives you pear, tangerine, and berries. Amber and wood serve as its anchors after that. Without giving you a toothache, it leans into the fruit, yet it still smells good.



Orange Free State

Clone by Alicia Grande

Ariana Grande has released more than eight perfumes since 2017, some of which were based on her biggest hits. However, many Arianators choose the Cloud scent, as seen by the over 1,000+ 5-star reviews. A cloud-shaped bottle containing a mixture of lavender, vanilla, and coconut will look just darling on your dresser.


Rihanna was all about scents before Fenty Beauty rocked the world of beauty. And Nude emits a fruity and floral odour that is blatantly unique to the performer, who is of Barbadian descent. A reviewer who made this her signature smell couldn’t stop gushing: “[I] have used this perfume for years! Everywhere I go, I receive compliments! It lasts a long time and smells fantastic!


Glow by Jennifer Lopez, one of the original celebrities to release perfumes year after year, has been around long enough to be regarded as a classic. FYI, it was released in 2002. A hint of vanilla counteracts the citrus and fruity aroma to create a surprisingly well-balanced smell. We hope you’re prepared with your low-rise pants since just one spray will take you back to the early 2000s.


Despite the fact that Britney Spears has more than 30 (yes, 30!) different fragrances, Curious stands out from the others. The jasmine, vanilla, and musk pear blend of the mild fragrance is perfect for everyday wear. One user who has given it over 2,000+ 5-star reviews says she likes it to her expensive scents: I’m getting close to 40, but for some reason, this perfume just turns me into a puddle. I usually use expensive scents like Jo Malone and Cartier. But when I wear this scent and get to work, people truly comment on how good I smell. It is in my top 5 all-time favourite scents.


The fragrance with the same name is all you need if you want to smell like Lady Gaga’s 2012 “Fame” album. You will be covered in a sweet, musky mixture of honey, apricot, and floral aromas after using the spray. Additionally, the gold-accented bottle is stunning, especially considering that the fragrance within is black; FYI, Gaga refers to this fragrance as “the spirit of fame.”

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor, number six

This Elizabeth Taylor fragrance has received over 9,600 reviews, making it a cult classic. The long-lasting composition contains a flowery blend of Narcisse, gardenia, and lilies. Perhaps this reviewer’s statement “I have been wearing White Diamonds for over 20 years…need I say more?” would persuade you if we are unable to.


It only seems sense that Sarah Jessica Parker’s fragrance brand is successful given how much we like her style—and her shoe collection. This elegant pink bottle has a blend of citruses (such as bergamot and nectarine), rosewood, and lavender notes. It is perfect for any occasion because of its lightweight and silky finish.


Use a perfume that isn’t overpowering but comes in a stunning bottle to unleash your inner queen. “My favourite fragrance of all time! Even though I have a very delicate nose when it comes to scents, this perfume is fantastic! I consistently get compliments on it. This is my third bottle so far! One reviewer exclaimed, “I love it! I adore it! Don’t expect any florals here; instead, you’ll get touches of dark berries, plum, and bergamot along with base notes like patchouli and cashmere.


The Kardashians are renowned for their intergenerational collaborations, and this mother-daughter perfume fits the bill well. KKW X KRIS is a woody (cashmere and amber) and white floral fragrance that was created by Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner. It has a fresh and sweet aftertaste. So think about this long-lasting choice if you’re searching for a gift for mum (or just want something that looks like a Michael Kors signature smell or Gucci Bloom knockoff).


Yes, Jennifer Aniston has a perfume bearing her name. One customer attests to the fact that the pleasant scent is perfect for a night out or a romantic evening with your beau: “This is my favourite perfume ever. When I wear it, I receive so many praises. A little of this wonderful feminine perfume goes a long way. It’s a simple choice for warm weather because of the delicate tones.


Dolly Parton has on the fragrance bandwagon, and her first fragrance release is a miniature bottle of Scent From Above. Consider fruity and floral notes that have a Dollywood-like quality to them, such as jasmine, vanilla, mandarin, and amber woods, to name a few. Fortunately, a full-size version will be accessible in July, allowing us to spritz freely throughout the remainder of the summer.

Tilda Swinton has a scent, did you know that? Few people actually do. It has been around longer than the other smells on my list, but I’m including it because I feel like it’s the best-kept scent secret. Like This is warm, cosy, inviting, and sweet, without being over the top. To mention a few, it combines notes of ginger, pumpkin (which, surprise, is not frequently encountered in fragrance), neroli, vetiver, spice, musk, and wood. It resembles how your favourite sweater, which you wear so frequently, just seems to retain your aroma. It’s a distinctive celebrity perfume, but Tilda Swinton is a distinctive celebrity, so that makes sense.

Glow by Jennifer Lopez

Sadly, it has been nearly 20 years since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck last got together, even though it feels like 2002 right now. In addition to her romance, which was one of the major things to happen in 2002, Jennifer also had her hugely profitable and well-liked perfume, Glow by JLo. 10 Celebrity Businesses That Failed (& Why They Went Up In Smoke) Because of how well-liked the fragrance was, shops struggled to keep their shelves filled. It remains one of the most well-liked celebrity fragrances on the market even nearly 20 years after its inception. As she went on to develop a total of 24 perfumes, JLo’s Glow opened the door for a plethora of other celebrity scents.

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor’s distinctive aroma, White Diamonds, helped pave the way for celebrity fragrances. In 1991, she created and released her debut fragrance. As it sells millions of bottles each year, it is the top-selling celebrity fragrance globally. She also released Black Pearl and Passion as companion scents, but neither was as successful as White Diamonds. Her scent is still in high demand today, even years after her passing. Almost anywhere has it on the shelves.

Someday by Justin Bieber, no.

It only makes sense for someone with Justin Bieber’s level of fame and popularity among teens and tweens to want to launch their own fragrance. Although Justin has launched a number of perfumes throughout the years, Someday has proven to be the most well-liked. 10 Most Profitable Celebrity Businesses When the fragrance was first made available to Macy’s, the department store struggled to maintain it on the shelves and frequently ran out of the perfume. In just three weeks, Someday generated $3 million in retail sales due to its immense popularity. The scent broke the previous record for fragrance sales set by Beyoncé in 2010 with her fragrance, Heat.

Unforgivable by Diddy

Diddy’s distinctive scent, Unforgivable, is another top-selling celebrity fragrance. Diddy has generated millions of dollars from Unforgivable and his other fragrances since their debut in 2007. He decided to create a cologne for men and a perfume for women so that his most popular fragrance could be enjoyed by everyone. It was the wise decision to make because it further increased his sales. Diddy shown that you can grow your business even farther if you approach it wisely.

Curious by Britney Spears, No.

Over the years, Britney Spears has created a lot of scents and perfumes, but none of them have achieved the same level of success as Curious. When the scent was first released in 2004, it immediately rose to the top-selling fragrance of the year, selling more than $100 million. Additionally, it was stated that Curious had sold more than 500 million bottles in just five years. As far as celebrity fragrances go, this one really had a pleasant perfume, which probably boosted Britney’s sales. The fragrance is still available today and is unquestionably one of the most popular celebrity scents ever.

Stash by Sarah Jessica Parker

In the world of fragrances, Sarah Jessica Parker also has one of the most popular celebrity scents. There’s a reason why her cologne, Stash, is so popular. Following Diddy’s lead, SJP made the decision to create a single scent that would appeal to both men and women in order to reach a wider audience. To make a scent that would smell beautiful on anybody, regardless of gender, Stash mixed woodsy aromas with citrus and a few faint florals.

Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna

Rihanna seems to turn anything she touches into gold, and Reb’l Fleur is no exception. Rihanna is already well-known for her expertise in makeup and other cosmetics, but before that, she was a pro at all things fragrance. Before she started working in the cosmetics market, in 2011, her perfume was released. It was a huge success, earning millions of dollars in its first year. Rihanna must have learned how to make her own fragrance from her buddies, as it certainly worked.

Heat by Beyoncé

Naturally, Beyoncé had to enter the fragrance industry with her scent, Heat. Beyoncé debuted first in the fragrance industry before Rihanna and Justin Bieber. Beyoncé has had various fragrances launched throughout the years, but none of them can match Heat. It was the top-selling celebrity fragrance ever, although being dethroned since then. Since Beyoncé is so successful in everything she does, including fragrances, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani, No.

Because Gwen Stefani is a very astute businesswoman, she also has a very popular fragrance called Harajuku Lovers. Gwen used inventiveness when creating her perfume, creating five distinct scents at once. There are five scents in her Harajuku Lovers collection, four of which are named after Japanese Harajuku characters and one of which is based on her personal scent. It’s one of the most popular celebrity perfumes available since she came up with a clever strategy to get fans to buy numerous bottles and collect all five flavours.

Fancy by Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has launched a number of goods under her own, including clothing, shoes, and even a fragrance, making her a very successful businesswoman in her own right. One of the best-selling fragrances is her own, Fancy. Fancy is by far the most popular fragrance Jessica has ever made, despite the fact that she has several others to her name. It was extremely successful because it had a similar scent to another well-liked perfume at the time, Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, but at a more reasonable price, which undoubtedly helped it succeed.

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