Perfume Dupes of Baccarat Rouge 540

Baccarat Rouge 540 Perfume Dupes

Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge 540 is an extremely expensive but yet very popular fragrance. As a result, many individuals cannot afford this wonderful perfume…or are simply bored of paying for it. The good news is that there are other alternatives that can mimic or roughly resemble what you get with BR 540. In this essay, I’d like to propose some less expensive clone alternatives that smell similar to this aroma.

This list is always being updated as I discover additional scents that are similar to BR 540…

So keep checking back for fresh ones.


Which Perfumes Smell Like or are Dupes of Baccarat Rouge 540?
Kurkdjian Perfume

Burberry Her Eau De Parfum Spray –

Burberry Her is a scent made by Francis Kurkdjian that is similar to his previous Baccarat Rouge fragrance.

They are not, however, identical, and Burberry Her does have a unique aroma from our goal. Strawberry, raspberry, and citrus aromas give this one a sweeter profile overall.

The later phases aren’t as sweet, yet this is a lighter and more summery scent than Baccarat. Actually, it’s not far from Cloud. Ariana Grande’s

Burberry Her also by Kurkdjian

A Cheaper, Near Dupe

Ajmal Aristocrat, 2.5 Oz

Ajmal Aristocrat dupe BR 540

Aristocrat is a sweeter alternative that has the jasmine and saffron aromas of Baccarat Rouge. In addition to amber and a musky dry down.

The citrus notes stand out in the early stages, combined with a considerable emphasis on sweetness that eventually fades. Then you’ll get muskier and drier aromas, as well as a lot of saffron.

Overall, it is a near replica at a lower price, but with a stronger cotton candy-like aroma during much of the wear.


A Taste of New York

Greenwich Village by Bond No. 9

A Popular Bond No. 9 Perfume

This is another high end designer fragrance, much like our target. It’s not an exact dupe though, and very much retains its own style and charm. But, the similar style makes Greenwich Village a perfume to check out for Baccarat lovers.

Up top you will get much more fruitiness, almost a tropical sort of vibe. Mandarin orange and lychee, with a great touch of cassis. That juiciness is met with the freshness of waterlily and some light jasmine touches.

The dry down gets warmer with praline, vanilla, and musk. This has a sweeter, lighter, fruitier, and fresher aroma versus the Kurkdjian creation. The latter stages give you a nice creamy gourmand perfume.

Greenwich Village is a beautiful scent, which some may actually prefer to our target. Probably the most similar in the start. The sillage and projection isn’t as powerful, which again, you may well prefer.

Red Temptation by Zara

Zara alternative to Baccarat Rouge

Due to Red Temptation’s resemblance to Baccarat, it received a lot of attention on social media and was quickly sold out. But as of this update, this perfume is back in stock and sells for roughly $40 while offering a very comparable scent.

To me, BR 540 has a higher level of sweetness than this does. One of the key differences in this is the strong orange note at the top and its early strength. It has a lot of ambroxan in the middle act and is smooth and vibrant. It is most comparable at that point.

This performance is admirable. The initial hour’s sillage can be quite potent, but it eventually settles into a more tolerable wear. reasonable longevity; not irrational like BR. Moreover, the base notes have a woodsy finish.

The Casino Dupe

Dua Fragrances’ Casino Royal:


The Dua Brand thus specialised in producing fragrances that are knockoffs or have a similar scent. They call it Casino Royale instead of BR 540.

However, they also offer other perfumes that combine components of Extrait and BR 540 with notes from other scents to produce a whole new aroma. So, given that they are reasonably priced, it would be wise to check these out. While none are particularly great, they all work well.

Does it exactly resemble Baccarat? Although they are very near, if one pays closely, the variances can be seen. However, given the price disparity, that is to be expected.

It has a stronger floral presence in my opinion and isn’t quite as sweet or creamy. Marigold and jasmine. Additionally, it kind of leans in the direction of the Extrait version of BR 540.

Ariana’s Choice

By Ariana Grande, R.E.M.

Ariana Grande better than Cloud

Okay, Baccarat Rouge 540 and Cloud by Ariana Grande are more alike than you might think.

R.E.M., however, is the superior fragrance and shares many similarities.

Compared to the singer’s earlier fragrance releases, it is sweeter but also more sophisticated. With the addition of fig and lavender, R.E.M. provides you a lot of what Cloud has to offer while still making it stand on its own.

With its sweetness, creamy tonka bean, and later woodsy/lavender base, R.E.M. has a nice depth. There is undoubtedly some BR 540 in the DNA, but don’t anticipate an exact copy; instead, expect a better rendition of the same scent.

Dream Moon by Pacifica

Alternative Fragrance at a Great Price

inexpensive fragrance like Baccarat

Pacifica’s Dream Moon appears to be a Target store exclusive as of right now, which is how I got to try it. Although the Cloud dries down more like cotton candy than Baccarat Rouge, the opening is quite similar to what you get from Baccarat Rouge.

For this amount, you get rose, patchouli, and a respectable sandalwood scent. Although I haven’t seen a specific listing of these sounds, it also has additional sweeter tones that give it that vibe.

Pink rose, patchouli, and sandalwood are identified as the notes in this composition. Beyond that, I haven’t been able to find out what else it contains. However, there must be some softer sounds present. I most definitely detect a lot of patchouli and sandalwood.

Dream Moon gives out a creamy, sweet, and patchouli-infused gourmand scent that closely resembles what we’re going for with BR 540. Additionally, it provides a great performance for about $20.

Allsaints’ “Sunset Riot”

Sunset Riot and BR 540 have a lot in common, but Sunset Riot has a stronger orange flower theme that persists throughout the entire song. Additionally, it wears more lightly than the Francis Kurkdjian.

The amber and pink pepper in Sunset Riot give you a fantastic citrus vibe up top, while the pink pepper in the background gives you a kick. a little bit woody, with wonderful orange blossom-led flowery overtones. Sunset Riot is extremely appealing, not overly sweet, and even if its body is somewhat thick, it doesn’t feel particularly resinous despite the fact that it is amber.

Sweet, Very Similar, a Bit Less Expensive

Manege perfume BR dupe

An almost exact dupe of Baccarat Rouge 540 is Manege Rouge by Al Haramain for Women 2.5 Oz / 75ml Eau de Parfum.

Saffron serves as the star of the first act’s combination of sweetness and floral aromas. The saffron gives the mixture a light, almost leathery flavour.

As it enters the composition’s core, Manege gains sweetness and a fair degree of depth. You should expect to find more caramel and cotton candy there. The sweetness is extremely wearable, and the perfume doesn’t have a thick or heavy sillage.

Although it lacks 540’s strength and is less woody, it is nonetheless an excellent knockoff of the Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrance.

Manege perfume BR knockoff Cheapie Bath and Body Works

In the Stars by Bath and Body Works is a very budget-friendly alternative that somewhat straddles the line between Cloud and Baccarat Rouge. It comes in a 1.7 fluid ounce new-in-box bottle. It has a warmer base of sandalwood and amber yet is lighter and fruitier than either.

Because it lacks the lavender note that the Ariana Grande perfume contains, In the Stars may be more appealing to some people. The initial sweetness starts to give it more of the 540 character that we’re searching for during a lovely woody dry down time.

Light, crisp, and sweet, In the Stars actually performs admirably for a Bath and Body Works scent. Definitely worth a go if you want to save money.

A Mix of Perfumes

wild rose review

Coach’s Wild Rose The saffron and the clean, woody foundation of BR 540 are absent from Wild Rose. But during the dry down, you get a lot of ambroxan, moss, and jasmine, which has a very similar impact.

You start off with something that is more comparable to Delina by Parfums de Marly and Burberry Her (but better).

This Coach scent has a fruitiness that BR doesn’t, but some individuals might prefer thanks to the red currant and bergamot notes. It starts off with a gentle Delina-like perfume of rose and subtle tonka bean.

It eventually dries down to a fruitier rendition of Rouge. Even if it isn’t covered in saffron, the moss successfully mimics the wood’s dryness. Review of Wild Rose

Inexpensive VS Mist 

Midnight Bloom Fragrance Mist by Victoria’s Secret, 250ml/8.4 fl. oz. A body spray from Victoria’s Secret called Midnight Bloom kind of blurs the boundary between BR 540 and Cloud. Be aware that a body spray will not give you the depth you desire.

It has a flowery heart and a sweet and woody flavour. As it were, throughout the dry down time, almost like a vanilla candy. It’s more of a general white floral smell than anything specific, and the wood notes aren’t really noticeable either.

Once more, an inexpensive alternative in the shape of body spray. Although it seems more like Cloud than Baccarat Rouge to me, that opening does have a similar kind of personality. simply without any saffron.

Cloud Itself

Clear, 3.4 oz. Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum Spray I don’t have a lot of interest in Cloud. It’s fine, but it really ought to be included on the list of scents that are comparable to BR 540.

In comparison to Rouge, this Ariana Grande fragrance has a softer perfume and is geared toward younger consumers. While Cloud is solidly in the “girly” category, BR 540 tends to lean feminine but can also be more of a neutral aroma.

However, for younger women (those in their teens to early 20s), this is another excellent value that can closely resemble the effects of our target smell. lavender, a musky background, and warm, sweet flavours of sugar and coconut.

If you’re a fan of Cloud, you’ll get your money’s worth because the performance is actually rather good.

Cloud 2.0

Cloud 2.0 Intense by Ariana Grande, 3.4 oz., Ulta Exclusive Therefore, Cloud Intense and the original described above are rather comparable. It is, in my opinion, marginally superior.

Although smoother and accompanied by a fairly nice usage of ambroxan, it has less of the top pear note. Compared to the more sheer original Cloud, it is more solid. Additionally, the middle act has a creamier scent as the notes of whipped cream, coconut, and other ingredients are given more chance to stand out.

Overall, it doesn’t have much more power than the original Cloud, although it might last a little longer. This perfume is another choice for individuals who enjoy both BR540 and the Ariana Grande substitute, therefore I’m including it on the list. Review of Cloud Intense


The Fragrance Shop Clone

baccarat rouge extrait better than original

Why not choose its sister perfume, Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum, if you want something that is similar to the original?

In my opinion, Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait is the superior scent. It has a stronger opening act with more saffron and an additional almond note, and it lasts longer.

Although the old version performed admirably, this one is absolutely ridiculous on my skin. It doesn’t have a strong projection for the duration of use, but it will linger on the skin for at least 14 hours, making it difficult to predict when it will fade. It just doesn’t seem to disappear on a shirt.

Yes, this perfume is more expensive. However, I might as well mention it for people who prefer the superior choice over yet another low-cost ruse. Oh, and this is what I’m comparing: 540 Extrait vs. 540 BR

Original baccarat rouge extrait is superior.
Clone of The Fragrance Shop

Women’s Rouge 540 Type – This one hasn’t yet been put to the test. The Fragrance Shop typically succeeds in capturing a lot of the same essence as the perfumes they’re attempting to replicate.

I’ve tried a few of their male copies of the Chanel scent, and they at least nail the beginning notes. Most of the time, the perfumes lack the depth of the original, and some of the base notes hardly register in the perfume oil. For those who wish to give it a try, I figured I’d add this as another possible alternative.

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