Montale Perfumes for Women

Montale Perfumes for Women

Top Montale Perfumes for Women 2023

Montale is indeed a fragrance house based in France that specializes in oriental and Arabic scents. Pierre Montale founded the luxury fragrance firm in 2003, drawing inspiration from his time creating fragrances for the elite and nobility of Saudi Arabia. Upon returning to Paris, he brought with him the exotic scents of the Middle East.

Montale holds the distinction of being the first French perfume brand to prominently incorporate oud, a fragrant ingredient commonly found in luxurious oriental perfumes. This distinctive approach has allowed Montale to curate a diverse range of perfumes that exude excellence, allure, and opulence.

The Montale collection encompasses fragrances designed for both women and men. These perfumes have gained renown for their exceptionally unique, sensual, and long-lasting aromas, accompanied by a significant sillage. If you desire to make a bold and captivating statement, Montale offers a selection of perfumes that can help you achieve precisely that effect.


1. Montale Dark Purple Eau de Parfum Spray

Montale Perfumes for Women Dark Purple is an Oriental Floral fragrance by the home of Montale designed for ladies who’re sentient of her ardour. It’s designed for daring girls who wish to hold themselves distinguished and wish to entice the other gender. This perfume is deliciously seductive, rich, and heat fragrance. It’s thought of probably the most erotic and mouthwatering perfume for ladies by Montale. This scent was launched in 2011 by the nice perfumer Pierre Montale in a chic dark purple bottle.

Top Notes: Orange, Plum Center Notes: Rose, Geranium, Pink Berries, Patchouli Base Notes: Amber, Teak Wooden, Musk Prominent Notes: Orange, Plum, Rose, Geranium, Pink Berries, Patchouli, Amber, Teak Wooden, Musk

Longevity: Very long-lasting perfume Silage: Monumental silage Time of the Day: Winter & fall season perfume Season: Day and night time time perfume Intercourse Interesting: Sensual perfume



2. Montale Black Musk Eau de Parfum Spray

Montale Perfumes for Women

Black Musk is an oriental spicy fragrance created by Montale that is suitable for both women and men. It is characterized by a musky and comforting suede leather note, which adds a warm and distinctive element to the scent. The inclusion of patchouli further enhances its sensual and erotic character.

Black Musk strikes a delicate balance between being spicy and gentle, making it suitable for everyday wear. It was introduced in 2010 by perfumer Pierre Montale and is presented in a sleek greyish-silver bottle.

The fragrance notes of Black Musk consist of black pepper, sandalwood, musk, teak wood, leather, patchouli, nutmeg, and amber. The most prominent notes in this fragrance are black pepper, sandalwood, musk, teak wood, leather, patchouli, and amber.

Notably long-lasting, Black Musk leaves a significant sillage in its wake. It can be worn during the day or evening and is particularly well-suited for the winter and fall seasons. With its sensual appeal, Black Musk exudes an alluring and captivating aura.


3. Montale Roses Musk Eau de Parfum Spray

Montale Perfumes for Women Roses Musk is a floral musky woody scent by Montale and it’s designed for ladies.

Roses Musk is a fragrance that embodies the beauty and allure of roses. It is designed for both delicate and bold women who appreciate a clear and floral aroma. This well-balanced scent features passionate and sensual undertones that linger, keeping you appealing for an extended period.

Roses Musk, introduced by Pierre Montale in 2009, is a fragrance that captures the flawless essence of a diamond. Described as “truly beautiful” by Montale himself, it embodies a sense of ethereal beauty. The fragrance harmoniously blends the freshness of musk with the delicate and dewy scent of roses, resulting in an airy and feminine aroma. Roses Musk is captivating and perfect for a passionate and confident woman.

Roses Musk is a versatile fragrance that can be enjoyed throughout the year. It is particularly well-suited as a daytime scent during the spring season, although it has the potential to become your signature fragrance for any occasion.

The key notes in Roses Musk revolve around the enchanting combination of rose and musk, with a subtle presence of jasmine. This seductive perfume offers excellent longevity, allowing you to wear it confidently throughout the day without the need for frequent reapplication. If you appreciate Montale’s Intense Cafe fragrance, it is likely that you will also find Roses Musk appealing.



4. Montale Intense Black Aoud Eau De Parfum Spray

Intense Black Aoud by Montale is a woody oriental fragrance designed for both men and women. The initial notes of this upgraded version prominently feature oud, orange, rose, patchouli, and musk.

These elements are skillfully balanced, resulting in a distinct aroma with a touch of sensuality. This powerful and woody scent is particularly suited for chilly evenings. Pierre Montale introduced the fragrance in 2017.

The notes of Intense Black Aoud include Cambodian oud, mandarin orange, rose petals, Indonesian patchouli leaf, and musk.

This fragrance has a long-lasting effect, lingering on the skin for an extended period. Its sillage is awe-inspiring, leaving a noticeable trail in its wake. Intense Black Aoud is best worn in the evening and is particularly fitting for the colder months of the year, such as winter and fall. It exudes a sensuous appeal.

Advantages of Intense Black Aoud include its strength and attractiveness. The scent is potent and dense, making a bold statement.

One potential drawback is the heavy use of the Cambodian oud note, which may be overpowering for some individuals.

Please note that fragrance preferences can vary from person to person, and it’s always recommended to sample a fragrance before making a purchase to ensure it suits your personal taste.



5. MONTALE Starry Nights Eau de Parfum Spray – Best Over All

MONTALE Starry Nights Eau de Parfum Spray

Starry Nights is a floral oriental fragrance suitable for both women and men, making it perfect for a party, a romantic evening out, or even a cozy candlelit lunch. It exudes a great sense of romantic allure, with a long-lasting scent and excellent sillage.

This perfume opens with vibrant citrus notes and transitions into a heart of floral notes, accompanied by a touch of exoticism and sensuality. Pierre Montale introduced this fragrance in 2015, presenting it in a beautiful two-toned bottle.

The top notes of Starry Nights include Bergamot, Apple, and Lemon, providing a refreshing and uplifting start. The middle notes feature Jasmine, Rose, and Patchouli, adding a floral and slightly earthy dimension to the fragrance. The base notes consist of powdery notes, white musk, and amber, contributing to its depth and sensuality.

Starry Nights is a hidden gem in the Montale collection—bold, long-lasting, and unapologetic. Montale is known for embracing unisex scents, and while Starry Nights can be enjoyed by both men and women, it leans slightly more towards a feminine fragrance.

This fragrance is suitable for all seasons, although it shines brightest when worn on cool nights during the fall and winter months. The blend of apple, bergamot, lemon, rose, patchouli, and the base notes create a captivating and sensual experience.

Starry Nights is a powerful and attention-grabbing fragrance that is an excellent choice for the confident and stylish woman who isn’t afraid to take risks and make a statement. You’re sure to receive many compliments from those around you when wearing this fragrance.



6. MONTALE Amber & Spices Eau de Parfum Spray

Montale Perfumes for Women Amber & Spices is a woody and spicy scent and designed for women and men. The perfume opens up with spicy notes of nutmeg and rose provides it a floral touch. The center and base notes include woody notes. It has a horny, darkish, and intoxicating vibe. It’s appropriate to put on as informal put on throughout chilly days. This perfume got here out in 2009 by Pierre Montale.

Top Notes: Nutmeg, Rose Center Notes: Oud (Agarwood), Caraway Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Ebony Wooden Distinguished Notes: Nutmeg, Rose, Oud, Sandalwood, Amber, Ebony Wooden

Longevity: Very long-lasting perfume Silage: Monumental silage Time of the Day: Day and nighttime perfume Season: Winter & fall season perfume Intercourse Interesting: Sensual perfume




7. MONTALE Sweet Peony Eau De Parfum

Montale Perfumes for Women

Candy Peony by Montale is a floral fruity fragrance for women. It starts with a seductive peony note, and the heart of the perfume has robust flower ingredients that give it a pure floral scent and a genuine female aroma.

In addition, the espresso, vanilla, sandalwood, and cloves are beautifully blended to create a distinctive scent, and the perfume’s base provides warmth and sensuality. In 2017, a two-toned bottle was produced for this scent.

Topped with peony, with Jasmine, Rose, Coconut, and Peach in the middle. The base notes are espresso, vanilla, cloves, and sandalwood. Key notes include peony, jasmine, rose, coconut, peach, espresso, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Longevity: Lengthy-lasting perfume Silage: Sturdy silage Time of the Day: Day time perfume Season: Spring & fall season perfume Intercourse Interesting: Sensual perfume


8. MONTALE Red Aoud Eau De Parfum

Montale Perfumes for Women

Montale’s oud collection consists of six scents, one of which, Pink Aoud, is suitable for both men and women. It’s a woody spicy aroma with a strong oud undertone, making it the best oud perfume available. Pierre Montale designed this perfume in 2008.

a pink oud The notes include oud (agarwood), rose, sandalwood, Tagetes, and saffron. The primary notes are Oud (Agarwood), Rose, Sandalwood, Tagetes, and Saffron.

Longevity: This fragrance lingers for a long period. Silage is a form of silage that is quite powerful. Perfumes are available for both the day and the night. Perfume for the colder months of the year, such as winter and fall. Intercourse Perfume is enticing since it has a sensual aroma.

sexy perfume Comforting scent Wealthy and assertive smell. Perhaps too robust for a couple of individuals Extra masculine



9. MONTALE Aoud Legend Eau De Parfum Spray

Montale Perfumes for Women Aoud Legend is an oriental woody fragrance designed for women and men by Montale. Aoud Legend is a robust, luxurious perfume that gives consolation because it has a comfortable aroma. It has a robust intercourse enchantment and it was launched in 2016 in a two-shaded bottle.

Top Notes: Oud (Agarwood), Leather-based, Saffron Center Notes: Rose, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli Base Notes: Labdanum, Ambergris, Oakmoss Distinguished Notes: Oud, Leather-based, Rose, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Ambergris, Oakmoss

Longevity: Very long-lasting perfume Silage: Monumental silage Time of the Day: Nighttime perfume Season: Winter & fall season perfume Intercourse Interesting: Sensual perfume



10. MONTALE Aoud Cuir d’Arabie Eau de Parfum Spray

Montale Perfumes for Women

Aoud Cuir d’Arabie is a leather-based fragrance designed specifically for men by Montale. It is a purely masculine scent that exudes strength and sharpness. This intense perfume carries a strong sex appeal and emanates an erotic vibe. Pierre Montale introduced Aoud Cuir d’Arabie in 2006.

The key notes of Aoud Cuir d’Arabie include leather, tobacco, birch, and oud (agarwood). These notes blend together harmoniously, creating a composition that revolves around the prominent elements of leather, tobacco, birch, and oud.

This fragrance is highly long-lasting, ensuring that its captivating scent remains with you for an extended period. Its sillage is monumental, leaving a significant trail in your wake. Aoud Cuir d’Arabie is particularly well-suited for nighttime wear, making it an excellent choice for evenings out during the winter and fall seasons. Its sensuality adds an extra layer of intrigue.


Best Evening Scent – Oudmazing

Montale Perfumes for Women

Another unisex perfume is among the top-rated Montale fragrances. In 2016, Oudmazing was launched. It smells like a strong flowery musk with woody overtones.

Oud is present in the top notes, but so are fig, pear, bergamot, and Sicilian orange. Egyptian jasmine, orris, and patchouli leaf are represented by these notes. The bottom notes give this scent a particularly unisex feel.

Grapes, leather, Madagascar vanilla, and white musk are among them. This aroma is ideal for usage in the fall and winter, both during the day and at night. Oudmazing uses a Malaysian aoud that is sweetened with pear, while iris and jasmine lend a seductive touch.


Aoud Leather

The Montale Golden Choice collection includes the smell Aoud Leather-based. It’s Montale’s best leather-based perfume, and it’s unisex. It was first released in 2009 and is suitable for all seasons, so it might become your distinctive scent. Aoud Leather-based is a spicy scent with elements of amber, citrus, and spices.

The aroma is made up of Calabrian bergamot, Indian pepper, oud, saffron, Guatemalan cardamom, and naturally leather-based! It smells more like a man’s perfume than a woman’s, despite the fact that it’s unisex.

It has one of the most extensive sillages of any Montale scent. Extremely efficient. Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather-based or Parfums de Marly’s Godolphin come to mind.


Pure Gold

Montale Perfumes for Women


Pure Gold is a versatile daytime fragrance that can be worn throughout the year. It was introduced in 2009 and is part of the Golden Selection collection by Montale. This fragrance features a delightful combination of floral and fruity notes, making it a refreshing and uplifting scent.

The top notes of Pure Gold include apricot and mandarin orange, which provide a juicy and vibrant opening. In the heart notes, you’ll discover the enchanting scents of Egyptian jasmine, neroli, and orange blossom. These floral notes add a touch of elegance and femininity to the fragrance.

The base notes of Pure Gold consist of patchouli, musk, and vanilla. These notes contribute to the overall composition, providing a warm and sensual foundation to the scent.

Pure Gold is considered an excellent alternative to the discontinued fragrance “Libertine” by Vivienne Westwood. It offers a similar character and appeal, making it a desirable choice for those who enjoyed the previous scent.

This fragrance is suitable for daytime wear and can be enjoyed all year round. Its blend of floral and fruity notes makes it a versatile and uplifting choice for any occasion.


Chocolate Greedy

Montale Perfumes for Women

Montale’s Chocolate Grasping, a gourmet smell released in 2007, is another unisex fragrance. It’s ideal for the chilly days of autumn and winter, and it may be worn both day and night.

The top notes of Chocolate Grasping include bitter orange and vanilla, while the overall tone is simple. Dried fruit, cocoa, espresso, and tonka bean are present in the heart and base notes. More than any other unisex Montale fragrance on the list, Chocolate Grasping leans more toward a feminine scent than a masculine one.

With a good projection, a single spray might cause damage for several hours. The vanilla in the higher notes balances out the chocolate aroma, making it more wearable and modest. Chocolate and vanilla come together well in this dessert. You should be informed that it may cause you to become really hungry!


Honey Aoud

Montale Perfumes for Women

Honey Aoud is a unisex fragrance that was released in 2015. It has a unique honey accord. Because it has a spicier aroma, it’s ideal for fall and winter, as well as midnight use. This is without a doubt Montale’s most unisex smell, as it is neither very feminine nor overly masculine.

It has a powerful projection and conjures up images of a sophisticated, dark aroma that is difficult to overlook. The perfume’s heart is made up of honey, patchouli leaves, and floral notes.

A trace of cinnamon appears in the top notes, while Laotian aoud, amber, leather-based, and Madagascar Vanilla appear in the bottom notes. If you’re searching for a strong scent that people will remember, choose Honey Aoud.


Soleil de Capri

Montale Perfumes for Women

“Soleil de Capri” means “Solar of Capri” in French. Capri is an Italian island famous for its breathtaking sunsets. Soleil de Capri is more energetic with a citrus center, whereas certain Montale perfumes can feel heavier. Summers spent at the seaside will have a wonderful scent. Citrus, grapefruit, and kumquat are among the top notes (an Asian fruit).

The perfume’s center notes are white flowers, while the bottom notes are musk and spices. Soleil de Capri is one of Montale’s most feminine scents, with a similar vibe to Dolce & Gabbana’s Gentle Blue for Girls. To be clear, three of the experts polled believe it smells like Dolce & Gabbana Gentle Blue, but the other two disagree!

This one is for folks who enjoy the scents of citrus fruits. When it comes out of the bottle, it’s loud and brazen before resting onto your skin. That is the best Montale fragrance to pack in your suitcase for a summer trip to Europe!


Boise Vanille

Montale Perfumes for Women

Boise Vanille is one of the oldest Montale perfumes on this list, having been released in 2007. It’s ideal for the fall and winter seasons, as it may be worn during the day or at night.

It has a woody-vanilla aroma, as the name suggests (the French word “boisé” means “woody”). This is a basic female aroma with a seductive touch thanks to the lavender and iris. Bergamot and lemon top notes.

In addition to cedar, pepper, and tonka bean, the bottom notes include cedar, pepper, and tonka bean. Boise Vanille is a fragrance for the woman who isn’t afraid to be bossy at work and prefers her scents to have a masculine edge with woody elements. This is a perfume you should add to your normal collection to wear to work or when you want to boost your confidence.



White Aoud

Montale Perfumes for Women

White Aoud, introduced in 2006, is a fragrance with one of the lightest oud aromas. It starts with a powdery scent that gradually unfolds into a floral heart, infused with warmth and spice.

While White Aoud can be worn throughout the year, it is particularly well-suited for the fall and winter seasons. The base components of the fragrance include amber, vanilla, and incense, which add depth and richness to the overall composition.

In the top and heart notes, you will find a blend of Damascus rose, agarwood (oud), jasmine, saffron, and sandalwood. These notes create a harmonious floral bouquet with a touch of exoticism and sensuality.

White Aoud is an excellent choice for women who prefer a lighter scent compared to Montale’s Roses Musk, while still embracing the unique character of oud. It strikes a balance between elegance and subtlety.



What are the best Montale fragrances?

MONTALE Darkish Purple Eau de Parfum Spray MONTALE Black Musk Eau de Parfum Spray MONTALE Roses Musk Eau de Parfum Spray MONTALE Intense Black Aoud Eau De Parfum Spray MONTALE Starry Nights Eau de Parfum Spray

What’s the best smelling long-lasting Montale fragrance?

Montale fragrances are normally everlasting longevity together with the large silage. MONTALE Black Musk and Intense Black Aoud are very long-lasting fragrances.

Who owns Montale fragrance?

Pierre Montale is the proprietor of the Montale model and he’s a famend despatched virtuoso. Montale is a French model and it’s new within the perfumery world and makes it a particular place on this planet of fragrances.


Montale is renowned for its collection of fragrances that are indeed rich, powerful, and of exceptional quality. These scents have gained a reputation for being consistent in their performance and delivering long-lasting, assertive aromas.

The sensual and passionate nature of Montale fragrances sets them apart and makes the wearer feel truly distinctive. These scents have a remarkable ability to linger on the skin, creating an aura of allure and leaving a lasting impression.

While Montale fragrances may be priced slightly higher compared to other brands, they are undoubtedly worth the investment. The exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality ingredients, and the unique olfactory experiences they offer justify their value. Each fragrance is meticulously composed to create a distinct and captivating character that is hard to replicate.

Montale offers a diverse range of perfumes for both women and men, ensuring there is something for everyone to explore and enjoy. By delving into comprehensive reviews and recommendations, you can discover the best Montale fragrances that resonate with your personal preferences and style.

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