Not A Perfume Juliette Has A Gun

Not A Perfume Juliette Has A Gun

Not A Perfume Juliette Has A Gun – What is Cetalox?

Review of Not a Perfume Juliette has a Gun

Not a perfume is a 2010 scent by Juliette has a Gun, a French niche perfume brand. The name of this scent is self-explanatory. Not a single element in a perfume – the chemical Cetalox – is used. Some individuals enjoy this fragrance, while others despise it.

Additionally, some individuals do not detect the perfume’s aroma at all. Today, I’ll share my thoughts on Not a Perfume Juliette Has a Gun and educate you on this enigmatic compound.

Not A Perfume Juliette Has A Gun

What is Cetalox?

Many modern scents contain cetalox (or the only note, as in the case with Not a Perfume). Synthetic ambergris, Ambroxan, and other compounds. These molecules survive a long time. They have a deep woody, sweet, and animalic aroma. These chemicals operate differently on each person.

That’s why some individuals don’t notice anything, while others notice a lovely aroma that changes throughout the day. Cachalots’ digestive tract produces natural Ambergris (grey Amber). Its rich, balsamic aroma made it a favourite perfume ingredient in the past. Natural Ambergris is now illegal due to the cachalots’ endangered status. Using synthetic Ambergris is also more ethical.

Review of Not a Perfume Juliette has a Gun

Not a Perfume has a powerful, peculiar perfume with a sour undertone. It has a scent similar to that of washing powder or soap. The bright beginning fades away and is replaced with a calm and deep aroma with musky overtones. Perfume that is applied close to the skin and is sometimes imperceptible, but brightens Not a perfume slowly reminds me of Dior Homme Cologne 2013 and dissipates off my skin.

Are you a fan of Escentric Molecules fragrances, particularly Molecule 02? You’re going to enjoy Juliette Is Armed Is Not a Fragrance. However, you should test this fragrance before to purchasing it. The scent of this fragrance can change throughout the day. I would not describe it as a perfume.

On my skin, it has a lovely, clean aroma reminiscent of water. If it were a pier. It’s a pale grey hue. As a single word, it would be imperceptible. Not a Fragrance Juliette Has a Gun received a review. Continue reading Ventvenir for other fragrance reviews, recommendations, and tips.

Juliette Has a Gun’s next fragrance, which is not a perfume, will be available in September 2010. Armed Juliet Not a perfume, but an AMBROX fragrance in a flacon. The only active ingredient in this non-perfume is ambroxan. Firmenich created Ambrox in the 1950s as a cost-effective substitute for expensive grey amber in compositions.

Ambrox is typically used as a foundation note, but it takes centre stage in this unscented body lotion. She Is Armoured Not a Perfume is a daring declaration that violates the conventions of contemporary perfumery. Not a Perfume is the only fragrance that is free of allergens and is made up of molecules. Not a Perfume is available in flacons of 50ml and 100ml.

Not A Perfume Juliette Has A Gun

A Perfume That Isn’t Quite a Perfume

After getting our first bottle of Juliette Has a Gun I was interested by the absence of components and the addition of a single key component: Cetalox, or occasionally referred to as Ambroxan (although there are subtle differences, mostly to do with who the manufacturer is).

I’d heard the name previously in reference to the base notes of a variety of popular perfumes, but I was curious: What is Cetalox? What exactly is Ambroxan? And how is it possible for a perfume to be Non-Perfume?

Cetalox: A Synthetic Form

With the assistance of vintage books and the internet, I discovered that Ambroxan/Cetalox is a very common base note in personal fragrances. Most importantly, I discovered that both substances are synthetic ambergris. Both fragrances are naturally woody with musky amber undertones. It has a delicate and subdued perfume, which is why it is frequently utilised as a fragrance base component.

Due to the exorbitant cost of grey ambergris, Ambroxan was initially used as a synthetic alternative in the 1950s. Ambergris is a French term that translates as “grey amber.” It refers to the raw material. It appears to be lumpy grey boulders or coal fragments. Several perfumes, however, continue to use genuine ambergris in their formulas. Ambroxan and Orcanox are interchangeable.

What Exactly is Ambergris?

As I continued down this rabbit hole of learning, I chose to study more about ambergris and why it was employed in both old and current personal fragrances. Ambergris is a waxy, flammable substance generated in the digestive tracts of sperm whales. Whales regurgitate it and it may wash up on the coast.

The substance develops a nice, woody aroma as it ages, making it ideal for fragrance application. It smells faintly earthy and is soluble in ethanol. If you’re curious, you can obtain ambergris from the secretion of sperm whales that floats in select coastal places. The material may be as expensive as the whales from which it was concealed. A piece of ambergris weighing 2.4 pounds was recently sold in France for approximately $20,000 USD (the link also has a video demonstrating what raw ambergris looks like).

Thus, the synthetic form made sense: it was more affordable and eco-friendly. Due to the fact that sperm whales are currently endangered, strict regulations control the collection of ambergris.

How is Cetalox used in Not a Perfume?

Cetalox is a crystalline material in its purest form and is always combined with a solvent to obtain a liquid state in personal perfumes. This piqued my interest in Not a Perfume’s solution agent, and it didn’t take long to deduce that it was merely an addition of ethanol.

Cetalox is extensively used in laundry detergents because to its long-lasting properties and fresh, crisp aroma. One of the first things my husband and I noticed about Not a Perfume was its clinical cleanliness. It undoubtedly evoked memories of clothing drying in the sun, but just for the opening few moments of the aroma.

The Benefits: Or Why Allergen Free is Important

Furthermore, Cetalox or Ambroxan is hypoallergenic, which means it is less likely to cause an allergic reaction than most other substances. Juliette Has a Gun is not a fragrance and contains no additional allergens or phthalates. As a result, it can be used on people who are allergic to allergens, phthalates, or other chemicals in other perfumes or personal fragrances such as eau de toilettes or eau de parfums.

Phthalates are commonly used as dissolving agents in fragrances as well as fragrance-based skincare and lotions. These compounds can be added to lotions or skincare products to achieve a smooth, glossy finish. In general, the fewer chemicals you apply to your skin, the better. There has been little human research on phthalates. Animal and human studies have suggested that they may have an impact on birth defects and development. Although the findings of such studies are still being debated, I believe it is safe to say that the absence of phthalates or allergens in Juliette Has a Gun is a good thing.

In addition, Not a Perfume appears to be a rare comparison to most modern perfumes. The only ingredients are cetalox and ethanol. The ethanol dissolves the Cetalox and lightens the scent, giving it a more feminine feel. Because of the perfume’s simplicity, labelling is a breeze, which is a welcome change in today’s scent world of “read the tiny print.” As a result, the term “fragrance” is frequently used in perfumes as well as scented skincare and lotion products.

The term “fragrance” refers to a sophisticated proprietary chemical blend that most of us have never heard of. Is this a bad thing? No way, no how. Then you can rest easy knowing that you’re not putting phthalates, allergens, or parabens on your skin.

How Not a Perfume Came to Be

Geza Schoen demonstrated imitating ambergris in a single component personal fragrance in 2008 with Escentric Molecules Molecule 02, a non-perfume. Not a Perfume was founded in 2010 by Romano Ricci, the founder of Juliette Has a Gun, with a minimalist approach to fragrance, focusing on one of his favourite bases.

“Minalimst, exquisite, pure,” Ricci says. Because Cetalox is synthetic, its pure aroma may last longer than ambergris’ natural counterpart. The end result is a long-lasting feminine musky scent. The smell has a natural ebb and flow because there is no need to layer several chemicals.

Not a Perfume, like other personal scents, combines with your own chemical makeup to create a unique and personal scent. Juliette Has a Gun is based on Shakespeare’s play of the same name, but with a modern twist. Intelligent and sassy.

Not A Perfume Juliette Has A Gun

Should I Try a Non-Perfume?

The general rule for any personal fragrance is to find one that works specifically for you and the reaction it has with your body, regardless of the ingredients, as long as you are comfortable wearing it. Many people do not have allergies, but Not a Perfume appears to be an excellent choice for those who do.

At the very least, Cetalox or Ambroxan appear to be preferable to putting something derived from a whale’s digestive tract on your skin. Just because the ancient Egyptians carried burning ambergris thousands of years ago doesn’t mean we should do the same today.

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